AnoukxVera x Creative Food Studio


During Dutch Design Week 2017, Creative Food Studio and AnoukxVera welcomed spectators to a collaborative exhibition at the VDMA building where they challenged your perception of traditional dining and where áll your senses were stimulated in a unique way.


In this Memory Shop fashion designers, chefs, graphic designers, interior designers and ceramicists joined forces to bring your experience of dining to a higher level where curiosity, enthusiasm and marvel carried the upper hand. This experience could even be taken home, because all exclusive designed items in this Memory Shop were for sale during the exhibition and are now available online.



Next to the exhibition, an exclusive gastronomical 8 course food experience took place during the Dutch Design Week where quests were explorers that experienced how the boundaries between food and design faded. The Food Experience elaborates on the principle of the new “experimental dining” movement in the culinary landscape. Founder of Creative Food Studio, Naresh Ramdjas, has been active in the cooking scene since 2011.


Naresh (Creative Food Studio): “People love to eat in restaurants, myself included. But how do you experience this when everything you eat, see and feel unites and shapes the entirety? The focus is not only on the food, but every detail stimulates your senses; from the ceramics and the furniture to the clothes of the staff.” Anouk and Vera continued: “We want everything to come alive. Every detail of this experience has been designed to do just that, to experience every dish from your head to your toes. We changed the décor, fashion, ceramics, light, food and visuals to express the storyline of each course.”

The FOOD EXPERIENCE was held during Dutch Design Week 2017 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
This experience has been curated by:  Anouk van de Sande ● Naresh Ramdjas ● Vera de Pont

The exclusive designed elements of this lunch are created in collaboration with the following designers and studio's:
Agne K. ● Darc Matter ● Ekaterina Semenova ● Gerner Jahncke ● Kratos Himself ● Lieke Maas ● Marin Jansen ● Quinda Verheul ● Sarah-Linda Forrer ● Shai Langen ● Studio Nienke Helder ● Studio Selvedge

Made possible by:
Océ - A Canon Company ● Boergroep CT Coffee & Coconuts ● Flexkeuken ● Le Nouveau Chef Nareshtaurant ● Oedipus ● Philips Lighting ● Print Unlimited

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