The Teeny Tiny Factory - Spray Tan Edition


AnoukxVera's designs and concepts give shape to their thoughts on the sustainability and flexibility within the fields of fashion and interior and how we move between them.

For the Kloffiemarkt, AnoukxVera decided to upcycle and celebrate an iconic piece that we all know very well.

The piece we wear because it's strong, durable and comfortable.
That one piece we all have in our closet.
Dyed and washed in shades of blue:
The denim jeans.


Over it's lifetime, jeans become pale due to sun exposure, wear and washing. AnoukxVera embraced their strength and upgraded the items for a second life!
Because great tans don't happen on accident,
AnoukxVera have highlighted the pale colours of the jeans
by applying the concept of spray tanning to this piece of clothing.


The items were presented at The KLOFFIE Markt in Amsterdam, a platform that educates, inspires, curates and connects several aspects of slow fashion.

De KLOFFIE Markt is a firm supporter of values such as quality over quantity, ethical production, and longevity in garments, all of which make and represent slow fashion. The aim is to reduce the levels of waste generated by clothing production and to enhance the lifecycle of valuable garments.

Vera de Pont