Creative Food Studio and AnoukxVera welcome you to an exhibition at the VDMA building where they challenge your perception of traditional dining and where áll your senses are stimulated in a unique way.

In this Memory Shop fashion designers, graphic designers, interior designers and ceramicists joined forces to bring your experience of dining to a higher level where curiosity, enthousiasm and marvel carry the upper hand.




Fluid Fire, Green Screen Square and Pastel Pastry Club; the culinary language on your plate is shaped by the unique alphabet of the 15 designers from the Design Academy Eindhoven that are involved in creating this exclusive lunch. Their motto: “Teamwork makes the dreamteam”:

Next to the exhibition, an exclusive gastronomic lunch experience will take place during the Dutch Design Week which adheres to the principle of the new “experimental dining” movement in the culinary landscape. Consider yourself an explorer and experience how the boundaries between food and design fade and the two components blend together and form a visual spectacle.

Naresh: “People love to eat in restaurants, myself included. But how do you experience this when everything you eat, see and feel unites and shapes the entirety? The focus is not only on the food, but every detail stimulates your senses; from the ceramics and the furniture to the clothes of the staff. We have a lot of great designers who make ridiculously beautiful things, which end up in the store and that's it. I want everything to come alive. To experience the details and to feel it from your head to your toes. “




You can be a part of this experience!

The exclusive lunch will take place three times during the week, click on the button below to reserve a spot at our table !