was founded in 2015 by Anouk van de Sande and Vera de Pont.

We are Anouk and Vera.
We are from The Netherlands, a flat country with lots of treasures.
Anouk was raised on an island surrounded by infinite water,
in a tiny village called "Zierikzee"; a place where the landscape is build by boats.
Where people sport, float or travel on water.
Where they run on the dikes or through the dunes.
The power of the water is celebrated, but also respected.
Vera was born and raised in The Netherlands
and spend a part of her childhood in Singapore, Asia.
Infatuated with anything that enhances the human body, whether fictional or real,
the human body has been her subject of research in Biomedical Science, Photography and Design. She loves to run in the woods, and to challenge the body and her perception of it.

We are head over heels with sportswear.
We are inspired to bring function and fashion together in one item,
and to do this for you with care and detail.
We love our environment, and do not wish to add anything unnecessary to the world.
We therefore provide the option to have your leggings custom made, and always produce on demand.

Our fabric is printed at Print Unlimited, in The Netherlands, after which it is carefully assembled in our atelier.